About Your Guide

Meet Your Guide – Keith Jones

Keith’s first experience with Cornwall was in 1974 when, as a young man, he joined

the Royal Navy and spent the first sixteen months of his training at HMS Fisgard,

Torpoint, East Cornwall.

On arrival he immediately felt a connection with the Duchy – almost a resonance. He

had several expeditions up on the wild Bodmin Moor and took part in regattas hosted

by the local fishing villages. He also spent a lot of his spare time wandering the

countryside and with his mates on the beaches of Whitsands Bay.

He knew then that Cornwall was where he belonged and he returned at every

opportunity. The locals say of Cornwall “you’re either born to it or are drawn to it”,

and that was certainly the case with Keith. After a long career as an engineer and

technical trainer he finally managed to get himself in a position where he was able to

move to the Duchy full-time and now he is combining his ability to explain things in a

straightforward, easy to understand manner with his accumulation of local knowledge

to provide a unique, personalized guiding service.

As you can see from the photos, Keith has tried many of the eateries in Cornwall and is looking forward to sharing these finds that are off the beaten track with you!