King Arthur's Trail Tour

New For 2021

Fact or Fiction, Myth or Legend?

We take you on a trip to the sites that are important to the Arthurian legend, all of which are beauty spots themselves.

Our first stop is the place where Arthur was conceived and born (or so it is said) Tintagel Castle - A much visited English Heritage location with a new suspension bridge which re-links the mainland to the headland.


We will then visit Bossiney Mound, where it is said that the Round Table, King Arthur and his Knights are buried. It is said that the round table will rise up from the mound on a midsummer's night when King Arthur and his knights are due to return.


St. Nectan's Glen, this is where it is said that King Arthur's knights were blessed before they left in their search for the Holy Grail. It is also listed among the 10 most spiritual sites in Britain.

Slaughterbridge and The Vale of Avalon / Arthurian Centre, the site of the skirmish between King Arthur and his rival Mordred. Nearby is the Ogham Stone, a monument which was toppled into a creek bed and has attracted Arthurian pilgrims over the years. You will be given time to visit the Arthurian Centre, visitor centre or cafe