Bodmin Tour


An all-day trip around some of interesting sites in and around Bodmin. We will start off visiting Bodmin Gaol, move on to Trago Mills where we’ll have lunch and in the afternoon be enchanted by Carnglaze Caverns.



Bodmin Gaol


This famous building was built between 1778 and 1815 as 3 prisons – a County Gaol for serious offenders, a Debtors’ Prison and a House of Correction for minor offenders. It was built as a “model” prison with good facilities for the inmates and was considered to be very progressive for its time. In fact it was very sparsely populated until the end of the Napoleonic Wars when veterans were discharged en masse with no support, resulting in a nationwide crime wave.


Between 1735 and 1909 there were 60 executions carried out in Bodmin, with the condemned being housed in Bodmin Gaol once it was ready to accept inmates.


Now the prison is a museum over 6 floors and also has a restaurant and bar. Exhibits in the museum include the only working execution pit in the UK.


The gaol is reputed to be haunted, even featuring in the TV series “Most Haunted”. Many visitors report feeling “a presence” or “an atmosphere” within the building.



Trago Mills

This has to be the most unusual department store in the country. From the outside it looks like nothing other than a fairy castle. It has 38 departments in 200,000 square feet of retail space. There are also 3 different restaurants and cafes – a good place for us to take our lunch.


The building is set in the Glynn valley and one of the attractions of Trago Mills is the beautiful riverside walk along the Fal River.



Carnglaze Caverns


This attraction is a former slate mine on the southern edge of Bodmin Moor. It goes 60 m underground and 120 m into the hillside in which it is dug. It comprises of 3 huge caverns, the last one of which contains a deep, crystal clear lake. The first cavern was used in the second world war to house the Royal Navy’s rum stockpile. Nowadays it is a 400-seat amphitheatre where events are held throughout the year.


Underground the temperature is a constant 10 degrees centigrade throughout the year. It is recommended that you bring along a jumper and wear sensible shoes to visit.

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